Create Your Own Destiny Custom Bracelet

Create Your Own Destiny Custom Bracelet

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The gemstone beads available for your custom gemstone bracelet are below and organized by color.  I recommend selecting 4 to 5 stones for your bracelet based on what you are drawn to or what emotional needs you have.  I am happy to offer recommendations too!  Depending on your choices, a custom bracelet starts at $25.00. Please note your choices in the cart notes.

Pink – Can be used for Heart Chakra

Rhodonite: Yin/Yang Balance, Self Esteem, Helps Mental Unrest, Promotes Unconditional Love, Good for the heart.

Rhodochrosite: Courage, Emotional Trauma, Mental Breakdown, Good for the Heart, Kidneys & Spleen.

Rose Quartz: Supports Fertility, Promotes Love & Romance, Female Energy, Soothes Emotions, Good for the Heart.

Pink Opal: Self-Healing, Calming, Spiritual Awakening, Soothes Skin, Clears the Mind.

Red – Root Chakra

Agate: Good for Emotional Security, Strengthens Aura, Helps IBS and Gastroenteritis.

Orange – Sacral Chakra

Carnelian: Supports Digestion, Enhances Connection to Spirit, Soothes Anger, Fear, Rage & Sorrow.

Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine: Brings Abundance, Good for Decision Making, Soothes Nausea, Helps Self Esteem & Good for Aura Work.

Green – Heart Chakra

Aventurine: Protects, Calms & Soothes Emotions, Aids Relaxation, Prevents Energy Vampires Sapping Energy.

Amazonite: Feel Better Stone, Good for Nervous System, Good for Aura, Soothes & Calms Troubled Mind.

Prehnite: Helps Anemia & Gout, Aides Meditation, Helps Dream Recall, Helps Find Spiritual Path.

Malachite: Good for Physical Balance & Eyesight, Antiseptic Qualities, Emotional Balance, Helps Depression.

Blue – Throat Chakra (blue) & Third Eye Chakra (indigo)

Blue Lace Agate: Gentle & Calming, Brings Balance & Emotional Stability, Assists with Attunement.

Aquamarine: Brings Spiritual Awareness, Helps Judgmental Attitude, Good for Centering & Meditation.

Lapis Lazuli: Brings Vitality, Wisdom, Mental Endurance & Creative Expression, Helps Depression.

Sodalite: Physical Balance & Metabolism, Good for Mental Health, Communicating Feelings & Soothes Fear.

Azurite: Helps Arthritis, Good for Psychic Abilities, Brings Compassion & Empathy, Helps Expression.

 Purple – Crown Chakra

Amethyst: Protection, Physical Mental & Emotional Balance, Soothes Emotional Energy, Grief, Enhances Aura.

Lepidolite: Calming, Helps Anxiety & Depression, Aides in Grief, Useful in Childbirth, Soothes Nerves.


Grey Banded Agate: Good for Release of Stored Energy, Helps Fatigue.

Black Agate: Good for Grounding, Brings Inner Strength, Good for Practicalities & Survival Instinct.

Onyx: Good for Decision Making, Brings Luck & Happiness, Helps Lack of Control & Grief.

Obsidian: Offers Protection, Brings Wisdom, Helps Self Defeating Patterns, Good for Male Sexuality.

Hematite: Personal Magnetism, Brings Strength Love & Courage, Good for Mental Processes.

Lava Stone: Porous Rock, Absorbs Negativity, Acts as a Wearable Diffuser for Essential Oils.

Larvikite: Enhances Sleep, Good for Lungs, Relaxing & Grounding, Helps Insecurity & Apprehension.

Snowflake Obsidian: Peace of Mind, Encourages Purity, Good for the Stomach, Helps Anger & Loneliness.


Sandalwood: Relaxing, Soothing, Purifies Negative Thoughts, Makes you Feel More Positive.

Smokey Quartz: Good for Sexual Energy, Grounding, Helps with Depression Despair & Grief.

Picture Jasper: Good for Immune System Kidneys & Skin, Releases Deep Hidden Grief & Fear.

Pyrite: Good for Brain Memory & Thought Processes, Helps Negativity, Brings Protection


Clear Quartz: Master Healer, Amplifies Properties of Other Stones, Re-Energizes you & Channels Energy,

Moonstone: Soothing, Brings Calm Control & Balance, Helps Over-sensitivity, Enhances Female Energy, Fertility.

Howlite: Calming, Soothes Anger & Stress, Good for Emotional Expression, Good for Teeth Bones & Physical Pain.